специальные услуги

Over the last 12 years we have grown from delivering sports cars parts to joint projects with Porsche and Mercedes – Benz engineers.

Now that we have the necessary skills and experience we focus on innovative projects paving the way for exciting opportunities and we are ready to offer you a wide range specific services.

Specific services

  • Acquiring rare automobiles of a particular brand, model, color, with necessary features, new or after-market, in Russia or abroad.
  • Testing of an automobile in an international market, making sure it meets our high standards and our client’s standards for full satisfaction. We also provide an online video Q&A session of the automobiles technical test including photos and an extensive report documenting the automobile’s performance.
  • Organizing the participation of your car in track-days, exhibitions or any other events.
  • Ongoing support for maintenance, restoration, and making your car race rack ready abroad. At your request, we are ready to control every step and provide you with photo and video report.

For further information feel free to contact us at info@gtfactory.ru.